Recruitement : Should you prioritize experience over motivation?

Recruitement : Should you prioritize experience over motivation?

Wathewer the experience is, you will never get someone who will want to die for your business without motivation, to instill that, your leadership & business culture need to be strong.

We believe recruiting people that are sincerly interested in what you are doing & with a strong mindset will most of the time be the right choice, if they have that motivation & love for what they do, they will be able to reach the experience & knowledge you expect from them, by themselfs & in total autonomy.

Should you decide to recruit just by the look of a CV & what is written inside?

We noticed working with some external agencies for our recruitement that their value a lot the CV and how it looks, we value more motivation letters & MBTI test.

Do I need to remind you that you are not searching for a CV redactor & designer?

The meeting doesn’t mean nothing, we made the experiment, we had 2 profils to choose between, we choose them both, we noted all the recruitement process step by step, and the one we would have choose, Extravert & comfortable, was not the good choice, his work & mindset were not on the level, the other one who had much more difficulties talking about himself, is still working with us.


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