With COVID, Websites are in 2020 the new Visit Cards.

With COVID, Websites are in 2020 the new Visit Cards.

You probably already hired a company or designer to create the most beautyfull visit card that will represent you truly.

Today, even more with COVID, the new visit cards are business & personnal websites, it will reflect your culture, your sens of details, your implication & motivation for what you do, and before all, the quality of what you do and the reflection of what you are.

We noticed some people who are againt digital evolution, being in that mindset is like cheering for steam locomotives and refuse taking a TGV.

If you work and live in the 21st centrury, you need to adapt yourself & your business, whathewer your age and digital knowledge is, no excuses.

These who fail are these who refuse improvement, evolution & thereby : success

PS : If you got severly impacted by covid for your physical business & you don’t have an ecommerce or remote working setup for your employees, search the impact Covid had on these who put everything in place in your industry, you will understand that you did not do everything you can to help yourself.


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